Waking up again

It’s been a while, but the new season has made me think about starting up the blogging again.

Spring has definitely sprung around here (the north of Cambridgeshire) with lots of white blossoms in the hedgerows and also the vivid yellow of OSR in the fields.

And so, as spring has started my beekeeping has kicked back off again after the enforced quiet of winter. 

A quick state of the nation:

  • We went into the winter with 13 hives,  across two apiaries, having lost one late in the season to wasps.
  • Over the winter one hive died. It looks like isolation starvation, despite having fondant on the top of the hive – a really sad sight.
  • However, I’ve acquired another colony, by accident, together with a new apiary site. More on which another time.
  • We’ve moved three hives to the new apiary.
  • So, as it stands that’s 13 hives spread across three sites all ready for the new season.

It’s a new season, the sun is shining, the bees are flying and perhaps there will even be a few more blog posts … maybe!