Why St Pega?

So, why is this blog (and my honey) called St Pega’s Honey?

Peakirk sign - with St Pega

I live in a small village in northern Cambridgeshire called Peakirk. When I started I was going to sell the honey as Peakirk honey, nice and simple. Well, yes, except that if I ascribe a geographical label to something then people will quite reasonably assume it comes from there. My bee hives aren’t always in Peakirk, so that wouldn’t have been true.

So, I picked on our local Saint, St Pega, who lived in Peakirk (the main road in the village is St Pega’s road, and we have the one church in the world dedicated to her). That way I have the local link but without being too specific.

If you want to know more about Peakirk or St Pega head on over to the Peakirk village website.