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Commercial – nucleus plans

It’s even straight!

As promised last time around, it’s more Commercial hive plan goodness. This time around it is the turn of nucleus boxes, and all in plywood.

Two variants, one is a downsized version of the plywood hive plans last time around, so still using a mix of 9mm, 12mm and 18mm ply. The other is lighter and just uses 9mm and 12mm ply.

I make them to of a size where they’ll their external dimensions mean they sit side by side on top of a full sized Commercial brood box, for manipulations like demaree, or queen rearing.

Anyway here go with the plans:

Commercial nucleus – 9mm, 12mm and 18mm ply

And again in pdf form below.

Commercial nucleus – 9mm and 12mm ply

Just in case you don’t have any 18mm ply to hand, or you’re too tight to spend on such luxuries …

2 thoughts on “Commercial – nucleus plans

  1. Hi Paul, and you are welcome. I’m glad it helped. If made well and looked after, these can last for years.
    Good luck with beekeeping, it is a great hobby,

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